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Competition Law

In spite of globalisation, the gradual facilitation of international trade, national markets have become more transparent and opened access for multinationals, exporters from different countries.

The issue of competition takes on new dimensions with competing manufacturers no longer limited by competition quality of the goods produced.

Competition law is a general term that includes regulation in various spheres of economic activity in terms of competition between parties.

Competition law consists of the law that protect economic competition, regulate the activities of monopolies, limiting abuse by those in a dominant position.

Legal assistance in this competitive field includes comprehensive protection against unfair competition, antitrust integrated solutions in the field.

A powerful tool to protect against unfair competition is to appeal to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and legal support investigations.

National legislation on protection of economic competition has attributed the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine significant amount of power to stop anticompetitive practices in the internal market.

Abuse of the dominant position in the market is also very common category of offenses which can only prevent effective remedy.

Attorney Association Bahmach & Partners provides comprehensive legal assistance to clients for the protection of their rights against unfair competition and abuse of dominant position of competitors.

Our Attorney Association protects customers from illegal claims of competitors for the use of intellectual property on the one hand, and helps to stop the unlawful use of intellectual property by third parties with the other.

If you are a competitor, which monopolize the market with registered certificates, patents, intellectual property, unfairly competing in the market, and are trying to prohibit or hinder dealers and trading network to sell rival goods, your competitors would fight aggressively.

Competition is very actively waged using the tools of pressure, which appear as a result of intellectual property misappropriation.

At first glance, creation and disposal, use of results of intellectual activity can not cause any complications. However, please note that in this case special laws governing this area.

Incorrect interpretation and application of the law in the field of intellectual property may result in severe and expensive legal consequences. For example, the lack of mandatory registration of intellectual property may result the inability of their legal protection.

Legislation in Ukraine provides legal protection to intellectual property activity. Some protection is provided from their inception. However, some of the objects can be protected only after a compulsory state registration, without which the defence of such intellectual property is not possible. In addition, state registration is also mandatory to the disposal and use of such objects.

Cases of illegal copying of competitors' products often happens. Our association has the experience in these matters and can resolve these complex cases.

Bahmach & Partners are very knowledgeable and have considerable amount of experience in protecting customers from unfair competition, we can solve problems, no matter the complexity.

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