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Rebuttal of false information published in the media

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It is quite common for Ukrainian musicians to take part in various charity and holiday concerts in different cities around the country. At the same time, sometimes such concerts can be used for the purpose of political agitation by their organizers.

Unfortunately, the artists do not always know about such conditions before the concert, which leads to them agreeing to participate in such events. At the same time, the accusations of artists who attend concerts linked to the political agitation by the media are often far from being trustful. After all, artist's performance will only have a political connotation if the artist himself campaigns during a performance for one or another candidate of the election.

Such an occurrence can be illustrated by the recent case hearing in the Kyiv Court of Appeal, where Law Firm Bakhmach & Partners has defended the interests of their client. It was established that, firstly, the artist's accusation of political agitation by the press could not be considered as a personal opinion or judgment until the abovementioned artist openly supports the candidate in their direct speech. Secondly, the false accusation of a famous artist of political agitation of any kind directly affects their business reputation and has a negative effect. Thus any musician has the right to refute such misinformation.

The Сourt has also found that even if the text of a publication containing inaccurate information was changed by the media after the commencement of litigation, resulting in the inaccurate information being removed from the publication, the Artist still has the right to refute information that has been publicly available to the readers prior.

Bakhmach & Partners has defended client's interests and justice was once again restored.

The text of the decision of the Kyiv Court of Appeal can be found via the link:

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