The Bakhmach & Partners Law Association team successfully defended the interests of a client, a leading transnational company in the field of HouseHold.

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On October 10, 2019, the Kyiv District Administrative Court ruled in a dispute with the environmental inspection, which fully satisfied the claim of the company, as well as canceled the groundless order to eliminate violations of environmental legislation.

Commenting on the result achieved, partner of  The Bakhmach & Partners Law Association    Maxim Kompanets   noted: “For us, the victory in this dispute is a continuation of the successful cases on environmental inspection disputes. At the moment, in order to protect the environment, the environmental inspectorate must honestly use the powers conferred and  refrain from fixing non-existent violations. In assisting our client, we have thoroughly investigated the circumstances of the client's business and subsequently documented the far-fetched  nature of the environmental pollution claims. We are pleased to note the restoration of justice and the restoration of our client's reputation.”

Managing partner Andrey Bakhmach, partner Maxim Kompanets, lawyer Liudmyla Voitovych  worked on the project.

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